ISEE Europe Chapter Newsletter - Spring 2019
2019 Annual ISEE Conference

The 2019 annual conference will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from 25-28 August, 2019.

The meeting theme “On Airs, Waters, Places” alludes to what is probably the oldest surviving text on environmental health, written by Hippocrates of Kos some 2400 years ago.
To learn more, including the program at a glance, please visit the conference website.

Registration for the meeting is now open. The early bird registration period ends on 30th May.

We look forward to meeting you in Utrecht!

The ISEE Student and New Researchers Network (SNRN)

The SNRN will be running a football (soccer) tournament on the Monday of the upcoming Annual Conference (26th August).

There will also be various other – somewhat less sporty – activities for Early Career Researchers to get involved in over the course of the conference, including a panel session, a round table event and more.

Changes to the ISEE Europe Council

We've changed some roles on our council as we continue to bring a fresh perspective to our Chapter.

We say a huge thank you to Danielle Vienneau who has been our co-chair for the last two and a half years and welcome Hanna Boogaard, who takes her place as co-chair.

We also thank Massimo Stafoggia who has worked as an elected member of the committee for many years and has stepped down to become an associate member.

We extend a very warm welcome to Tamara Schikowski who will serve as our new elected member following her recent election according to the Chapter's by-laws.

Upcoming Elections

In September, we will have two vacancies on our ISEE Europe Council, and we are seeking four candidates to stand in the election.

Please contact our chair Mireille Toledano or our co-chair Hanna Boogaard for more information.

Changes to our website

We’ve had a rather extensive spring clean, making lots of updates to our website and reorganising our sub-committees (now ‘Working Groups’) to be more relevant and up to date with the needs of European members.
Shimi Chen is our designated Tweeter on @ISEE_Global. Please contact him if you have European news or relevant information you'd like to share.

Updates from our Policy Working Group

There are two major ongoing evaluations that will shape air quality policies in Europe and beyond in the near future. The European Commission is conducting an evaluation of the Air Quality Directives, and the WHO is updating the Global Air Quality Guidelines.
There is increasing evidence for adverse health effects of air pollution even at levels below current ambient air quality standards and guidelines. One recent study called PM2.5 “the largest environmental risk factor worldwide,” responsible for many more deaths than alcohol use, physical inactivity or high sodium intake.

ISEE Europe contributes to these evaluations to make sure that new epidemiologic studies will be fully taken on board.

Model of NO2 in Europe. Image source: de Hoogh et al. 2018

Participate in setting the European Environment and Health Research Agenda, 2020-2030: the HERA project
The HERA project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research programme, will set priorities for an environment and health research agenda in the EU for 2020-2030, closely connected to policy needs.

We will address specific exposures (e.g. endocrine disruptors), sectors (e.g. transportation) and global issues particularly climate change.

In the next few weeks, the HERA project will contact all ISEE Europe Members asking them to identify what they perceive as research gaps and needs. This will be done through an online questionnaire. Please participate!
This large initiative involves researchers and a wide spectrum of stakeholders and ample consultations.

It will be the first time that such a wide-scale initiative on setting the environment and health research agenda takes place in Europe and we expect that it will be key for defining EU funding in environmental health research in the coming years. For further questions regarding the survey please contact Franziska Matthies or Anke Huss.
For the HERA consortium: Prof Annette Peters, Prof Roel Vermeulen, Dr Franziska Matthies-Wiesler, Dr Anke Huss
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